LOO ANGELS Do Dancing on Ice

by Lucy Woodward, 18th December 2018

You know Christmas is on its way when you find yourself moving with *achem* grace – over an outdoor ice rink, complete with twinkling lights overhead and the instantly recognisable smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and the real reason I braved the cold last Wednesday evening – mulled wine.

Last week, the Loo Angels congregated at the purpose-built ice rink next to Westquay’s shopping centre in Southampton. Running for approximately two months with a lovely luxury loo plumbed into mains by the #LOOCREW. We wanted to get our visit in this side of Christmas before we all disappeared from Loo HQ for the holidays. Coats, gloves and bobble hats at the ready, we were ready for our iconic debut; the Loo Angels on Ice.

Swapping our own shoes for ice-skates, the Loo Angels took to the rink. Unlike my team, I appeared to have left my inherently angelic grace back at LOO HQ. Still, I avoided the ‘Bambi look by grabbing a skate aid/what the kids use to stay balanced on the ice – and I was on my way. Leaning over my ice zimmer frame, I glided away from the wall and was able to make several circuits of the ice without incident.

The rink was big enough to avoid crashing into strangers, but not so large that a circuit was too daunting for those counting down the laps to the bar. However, my big moment came when; after a brief pause to massage the feeling back into my toes, I re-entered the rink – and fell to my back, legs in the air like an overturned turtle. Hauled to my feet by the loo angels, and a helpful rink attendant, I brushed off the embarrassment – and the ice from my bum.

The Loo Angels topped off our visit to Moguls Alpine Bar. Settling into our wooden corner booth with fur throws, winter sport memorabilia and warm lighting. Mulled wine and steaming luxury hot chocolate all round, I began to forget the dull ache in my backside and appreciate a winters night spent ice skating with friends for the Christmas tradition it was. To sum up; we laughed, practised a different skill and the mulled wine was AMAZING.

Special thanks to Laurie at This Event Co for arranging our team night out!

The Skate Southampton Ice Rink will be open every day until 6th January 2019 (except Christmas day.) Find out more HERE

Adult £11.50 / Child £9.50 / Family £38 

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

If you have any questions or perhaps what to join #LOOCREW just give us a call or send an e-mail to our lovely Loo Angels who will do their best to help 



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